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How to Submit and Send a Cargo Claim

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  • How to Submit and Send a Cargo Claim

    Step 1. Complete the claim form with mandatory fields marked in blue and click on the proceed button at the bottom of the page
    Step 2. An e-mail popup appears with available contactadresses to send a cargo claim .
    Step 3. Click on the send button. The claim will be send to the receipients and a copy of the email will be delivered into your email inbox.

    Should you encouter any problems submitting a claim please contact support. Email : [email protected]

    Step 1.

    All fields marked in blue are mandatory
    (example submission form)
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Naamloos.png Views:	1 Size:	452.1 KB ID:	70

    Step 2.

    Click on the drop down menu and select an receipient emailaddress.
    (If there are no adresses available you should enter the emailaddress of your airline contactperson manually)

    - Use the cc option to include additional emailadresses in your email

    - Click the "send" button to submit the claim.

    *If you're sending large attachments >2MB, consider sending them as links to the cloud (option below)

    (Example: email popup)
    {"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\tNaamloos.png Views:\t1 Size:\t61.1 KB ID:\t80","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"80","data-size":"custom","height":"417","title":"Naamloos.png","width":"700"}
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