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  • SMTP email connection

    SMTP email connection
    The ability to send Emails through SMTP allows users to send all communication from their actual E-mail accounts instead of using our default address [email protected].

    When SMTP activated recipients will see the true sender's name and organization name ( as the internet address ), and also receive any responses and bounced emails directly to their own accounts. To activate the feature for your account, follow the next steps:

    Please contact support for connection setup

    1. In the top-right user menu, select ‘My contact info

    2. To activate it, click on SMTP which will expand the panel with the E-mail settings:

    We have provided some presets, which will help you configure Email quickly, supporting Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo (more will be added in the future):

    3. Once you have selected your preset, proceed to enter your E-mail access credentials (in many cases the username is your e-mail address itself):

    ... then press the ‘TEST and Save’ button.

    4. If the test was successful, you will see this message:

    From this moment on, if everything worked correctly, the application should use your own email when you send out messages.

    When not using SMTP, the application behaves as before, Cargohub servers are sending the messages instead ( from [email protected] )