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  • Overview - Views

    Create view, Manage columns, Special settings

    Configure columns - Create view
    Go to Views (hover over the feature for the dropdown menu)

    Search the name of the data column you want in your overview by name or with the vertical slide bar on the right. Select the on/off switch to show / hide the column in your overview and enter a value to set the width of the column.

    Click on the title/name line, to activate it and it will highlight. Use the arrows on the right hand side to move it into position. Toggle inverts the on/off buttons.
    Remove tracking number, is mentioned next.

    Column width examples:

    Grid overview: Special Settings
    • Set screen width: Define the screen width by moving the selector
    • Auto Refresh: set an interval to update your overview
    • Hide tracking number: The tracking number is automatically generated by the system, you can choose to hide it from your overview by putting the feature ON.

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